The Consent


I Consent, Therefore I Am

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At Infoeaze, our mission is to provide a secure and consent driven verified credentials wallet for everyone. Given all the time we’ve spent on solving this problem, we have a pretty unique view of the world of consent as well as how we expect it to unfold over the coming years.

We’ve distilled these down to the following six principles that we pledge to help individuals and institutions achieve.


Any institution should be able to-issue verified credentials for free to help the holders. 

Right to Issue
Own Your Data

Users should be able to own and store data conveniently with no vendor lock-in.

Choose Your Opportunity
Control Data Privacy
Instant Verification

Users should be able to view what they consent to and not what the advertisers choose.

Users should be able to share data on a need-to-know basis without disclosing all of the data.

Users should be able to prove their details instantly and not have to wait for days.

Users should be able to monetize their personal data in a convenient manner.

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